MARVIN embraces Universal Design

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MARVIN Windows & Doors logo

MARVIN Windows & Doors logo

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Marvin Windows & Doors.  Marvin is a family-owned company dedicated to the quality of their products, to their employees, to the industry, and to their legacy.  Did you know that Marvin did not lay off one single employee during the Great Recession, but rather made internal changes to reduce expenses.  

Marvin is always interested in meeting the needs of its customers, and to that end it has been increasing its focus on user-friendly features.  Here are some of the best.

-Although their windows may have multiple locking mechanisms along its height, there is only one point at which the consumer has to operate the mechanism.  

-Hand cranks are designed in such a way as to require less strength and half the rotations of typical designs.  

-Lever handles are standard on patio doors, and available on all doors.  

Who doesn’t benefit from the increased ease of use from these features?  

Marvin is also the only manufacturer to offer a low-profile, high performance ADA-compliant sill for patio doors.  While the ADA typically does not apply to single family residences, a low-profile sill benefits a variety of people:  a person who uses a wheelchair, someone pushing a stroller, rolling a large cooler, and anyone carrying a full tray of food or drinks!  Visit for more information.

Take a closer look at Marvin’s focus on design which enables in this video.