Elevated Bathtubs: Practical Innovation

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Recently, at the International Builders Show, while leading a Universal Design Day Products Tour, I had the opportunity to show two innovative products.  Investing in an elevated tub such as Best Bath’s ADL Spa or Kohler’s Elevance is something which deserves consideration.  These two products are the most innovative solutions in bathing. They cost approximately $7K and $10K respectively. While this is a significant amount of money, a simple cost benefit analysis puts it into perspective:

a) what is the cost of independent, assisted living, or skilled nursing in your region? The investment in the tub pays for itself in a matter of 1-3 months

b) what is the cost of the tub amortized over your years in the home?

c) what is the cost of the tub vs. the cost of a home health care aide?

In addition, the sooner you install one the better.  Why?  Clearly because of recouping your investment over time, but also because these innovations provide the opportunity to bathe children or grandchildren.  

And most importantly, the sooner you have a bathtub which does not provide obstacles to functioning, you avoid environmental press, and reduce unnecessary physical decline and risk of falls.