Climate Change and Older Adults

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While we only experienced minor flooding in the Ithaca area, the weather in our country over the past couple of weeks has been extreme and varied.  For those of us with interest in any or all of the areas of housing, community planning, seniors, and persons with disabilities, concerted effort and attention must be paid to these in relation to climate change.  For an interesting look at climate change and seniors, read this interview with one of my former mentors, Dr. Elaine Wethington, as well as this video specifically about Hurricane Sandy and older adults.  This work at Cornell grew out of the groundbreaking Cornell Conference on Aging in the Environment, held in 2009.  The residential environments group, of which I was a part, shared their perspectives and recommendations in this paper.  Useful resources on aging and climate are available the EPA’s Aging Initiative website, and sign up for their newsletter to stay informed.