Business Profile: Liz Simple, Helping Seniors Successfully Age in Place or Relocate

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About the Business:

Liz Simple provides Assisted Moving Services for seniors and others who need help with moving or need to downsize to a smaller home.  Liz Simple works with seniors, caregivers and families to create a moving plan that is thorough and efficient.

Liz Simple provides a wide range of downsizing services including helping families sorting out what to move, what to sell, donate or dispose of, and then making all the necessary arrangements to execute the plan.  Also assisting with decluttering, to enable one to get more out of their home at any age.

Liz Simple is owned and operated by Liz Norton, RN. Liz has more than 35 years’ experience working with seniors. For more information about Liz Simple go to

Liz Simple works with homeowners of all ages to declutter their homes.
Most homeowners experience some type of barrier that hinders the function and safety of their home.  Household clutter is one of those under-recognized barriers causing unnecessary restriction of use and avoidable compromised safety for many individuals, including those with mobility limitations, poor vision, or cognitive dysfunction or a combination of any of these.
Fortunately, changing this is the low-hanging fruit of enabling home modifications.  It is a barrier that requires no special tools or talents to remove.  Eliminating the clutter and excess furniture enables people to more easily negotiate their living space and to find important items.  It creates a restful environment that promotes personal happiness and comfort.  Transforming a living space from crowded and cluttered to open and neat will increase its functionality and prolong its usefulness, thereby raising the functioning and well-being of the individual.