Help Develop App for Furniture Selection

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A colleague at Cornell is developing an app for professionals to find and compare furniture.  Please read the information below and participate in the survey.  Share with your colleagues, please!  Hopefully, you all will be benefitting from this tool before too long.

Are you a professional in interior design and architectural design?

Have you ever seen cool furniture in interior design pictures online, but have a hard time finding items for purchase that are similar to the featured ones in the images?

Have you ever been frustrated by the furniture search tools online? Have you wished for improved functions and better user interfaces?

Have you discovered great furniture on the web but hesitate to buy because there are no local stores carrying the piece for you to check out the item in person?

If any of the above describes your experience, please fill out this survey ( for a research project at Cornell University’s computer science department. This project seeks to create better visual selection tools to address the above issues for interior and architectural design professionals. We appreciate your input!