multigenerational community planning

Our neighborhoods, communities, cities and regions are shaped by policies and the physical design of the built environment.  Key to the power of planning is the lens of Enabling Design:  design based on understanding the physical, social, and economic needs across the lifespan can elevate the functioning of our citizens, decrease private and public financial burdens, and is a missing variable in public health.

Our nation’s housing stock and communities are not designed to meet the needs of older adults, but we are questioning “How do we meet the needs our burgeoning senior population?”  Addressing seniors’ needs is the impetus, Enabling Design is the solution, and thriving age-friendly, multigenerational communities are the result.


Access The American Planning Association’s Aging in Community Policy Guide.   Esther Greenhouse served on the task force and co-wrote the sections on housing, zoning, and transportation.  Download and print this policy guide to use as a resource in your community.

Planners and Aging Professionals Collaborate for Livable Communities.  Access a journal article exploring the first Livable Communities Summit.  Convened by a team of experts from the American Planning Association and the American Society on Aging, this event brought aging services professionals together with planners to discuss obstacles and solutions to creating livable communities.

To discuss options for services to create enabling multigenerational communities, please contact Esther at