DVD & Book

DVD:  Design for a Lifetime.  This 4-show series can be purchased as a DVD.  This is a valuable resource to educate people about a) the important role played by the built environment, particularly the home, b) what builders, architects, and designers can do for people to enable them to live as independently and successfully as possible.


1.  Watch Design for a Lifetime online:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

2.  Purchase a DVD to share with clients, colleagues, family members, and even donate to your local library to raise awareness!

3.  Request that the show be aired on your local PBS station:  it’s free to them!

For the last two options, please contact producer Jim Aroune at WCNY.

Book:  Independent for Life.  Under the leadership of the Honorable Henry Cisneros, a team of builders, architects, designers along with demographers, economists, and other social scientists have written a book exploring the obstacles and solutions for aging in place.  Esther Greenhouse was a contributor to this book.

DISCLOSURE:  Esther Greenhouse does not financially profit from the sale of the book or DVD described above.





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