“Esther Greenhouse demonstrates through her research, writing, presentations, and work with builders that she has important answers to the challenges of preparing the nation’s housing stock for the growing number of aging Americans who want or need to live at home. Her work is based on solid research and is grounded on practical solutions available to the building industry. Esther’s skills are unique and well-matched to the hard work ahead as we prepare our homes and communities for the future.”  

The Honorable Henry Cisneros
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development 1993-1997
Founder and Executive Chairman, City View

“Esther is a tireless advocate for people of ALL ages to live successfully in the home – and community – of their choice. Any community will be a better place to live because of Esther’s expertise and passion for these issues.”

Amy Silverstein Levner
Manager, Livable Communities Education & Outreach, AARP

“As someone in the senior living industry, I was impressed by Esther’s cross disciplinary knowledge, drawing from one field and applying to another. Her ability to synthesize and articulate information is valuable, she is a great communicator.  Every word is usable and relevant, absent of fluff.  Her delivery is razor sharp yet unrehearsed and real.  She has a rare talent for using 20 words to make a point when most people would use 120…makes you listen more carefully to every word.  I view her as a tremendous resource and a one-woman think tank!”

Elizabeth Classen Ambrose
Founder & CEO, Bridges Cornell Heights