An outgrowth of the disability rights movement, spearheaded by Eleanor Smith of Concrete Change, Visitability aims to make all residences visitable by persons with mobility needs. Zero-step entries which enable a person using a wheelchair are equally beneficial to a person using a baby stroller. Visitable homes not only benefit family and friends who may have particular needs when they visit, but benefit the residents of a home every day and over their lifetime in their home.

Concrete Change

The initiators and leaders in advocating for Visitability, they provide definitions, address builders’ concerns including costs), policy strategies, photos, and information about ordinances and efforts nationwide.


The IDEA Center, University of Buffalo

The leading university in Visitability research, there are several documents available online, and books like “Inclusive Housing:  A Pattern Book.”  There is also the UD Network, which features information from professionals as well as a featured product, a UD listserv, and a number of online courses.